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ADBOX - A&O Print, Mail & Fulfilment

Australia's Newest, Most Exciting E-Commerce Marketing Opportunity

When's the best time to connect with a potential customer? When they're happy! This is why a consumer opening a delivery box is one of your hottest prospects.

Picture this – a shopper makes an online purchase and eagerly anticipates receiving her parcel. She loves her online retailer and she loves the product she has chosen. This means she's in a positive frame of mind when she opens her package. It's a golden moment, so why miss the opportunity? Her attention has already been caught and now you can grab a little bit of it for your own brand. How? By presenting your product sample or offer alongside her chosen product.

Introducing Insert Marketing

A&O has partnered with Australia's leading insert marketing network to offer an incredibly affordable opportunity to our customers. You can call them piggyback or package inserts, or just ride-along ads. Their mission is to generate new orders from current online purchases in the most cost-effective possible way.

By strategically placing your exciting flyer or product sample inside an online shopper’s parcel, we can help you reach your target audience right when they'll be most receptive. Simple. Quick. Targeted. And did we mention effective?

Proven Results

With a distribution network of over 500,000 parcels per month A&O ADBOX offers an outstanding opportunity to market your brand. To make this opportunity even more powerful, we help you place your product sample or offer with a complementary product. For instance, we may send a sunscreen sample with a swim suit delivery!

Reaching your target market through placing the right flyer with the right retailer makes this one of the best opportunities for a targeted connection with your consumer. Users of these services in the U.S. and Europe have already seen staggering conversion rates for their advertisers. Parcel marketing now commands a place in the smartest marketing managers' plans for promoting their brands.

How It Works

A&O assists in the design, printing and manufacture of the perfect flyer, voucher or packaging for your sample. Once we match your brand with the right online retailer and target audience, the retailer then inserts the flyers/samples into their customers’ parcels. What could be simpler?

Let's have a look at some of insert marketing's other advantages:

  •  It's creative and production costs are low.
  •  Package inserts are perfect for cross-selling accessories related to the product being delivered.
  •  You can use them to introduce a customer to product lines and categories he or she may not know you offer.
  •  Inserts provide an opportunity to test products and offers.
  •  They can make customers feel like members of an inner circle of friends that receive "customer only" offers.
  •  Package inserts can also ask for referrals or say "thank you." Both help solidify customer loyalty.

The A&O ADBOX retailers love to give extra value to their customers. Our retailers are also quite keen to have a little assistance with the cost of shipping.

Contact us today to see how you can connect with over half a million new customers per month.

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