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Australia Post has published that there will be another price increase on 5 October 2015.

If you would like to view the changes please follow the link below to the Australia Post website.


Auspost further published that following a March 2015 application to the ACCC, there may be an increase to the basic postage rate from 70 cents to $1 as of Jan 2016 if the application is successful

If you would like to view the changes please follow the link below to the Australia Post website.


If we can assist with your project and lodge prior to the price increase you can not only enjoy the lower postage prices but you can also enjoy one of the below gifts with your order.


Direct mail is among the longest standing marketing techniques being used by both advertisers and business owners. Companies big and small have all banked on this method either to promote their brand to prospective customers or to share updates and new ventures with valued patrons.

Even with the prevalence of cost efficient digital marketing practices, direct mail still maintains its standing as being one of the top choices of businesses being that it is among the most effective means of communicating with customers. According to data presented by the Chief Marketing Officer Council from a Ballantine study, 75% of customers do say that they examine delivered mail very closely and 40% have said that they tried out a new product after receiving direct mail ads. These are truly promising numbers and every business owner should maximise the potential of direct mail marketing to further their brand. Here are five reasons to help us understand why this approach rakes in such impressive results.

It is tangible

There is something about physical mail that excites recipients making them eager to know what is inside the parcel. Because mail are tangible objects, they are guaranteed to be seen and felt which offer a higher probability that your customers will receive your message. Businesses who deliver mail to their customers are also perceived as more determined, hard-working and authentic. It subtly suggests that the sender has put in a lot of effort into reaching you and even went the extra mile by having someone personally deliver you the message.

It is customisable and can be personalised

Starbucks, the coffee conglomerate, swears by the effectivity of addressing their customers by their first names instead of the generic ma’am or sir in increasing the likelihood of a return business. The personal touch that baristas inject in their service evokes the feeling of familiarity, comfort and security which are among the building blocks of trust. This is the same concept that increases customers’ desire to respond to calls to action in direct mails.

It is focused

Coupled with the personal element of direct mails, you can further elevate the chances of eliciting a response from your customers by controlling who receives your messages. Once you know who your target market is, you can have your mail delivered only to persons in your database that fit the qualifications of your intended audience.

It is a trustworthy method

For decades, we have relied on the efficiency of the postal service in communicating with people. Long before the advent of emails and the telephone, businesses relied on snail mail and packages to deliver messages to their customers. It is a tried and tested method that everyone has grown to trust, which explains why recipients of direct mails are more responsive.

It is economical

Customers perceive direct mail to be costly to produce because of the idea that a lot of work has been put into it. They account for the labour, the material, the postage fees and stamps, as well as the equipment used in packaging and transferring the message onto paper. Delivered mail can also be made to look as conspicuously luxurious simply by using specialty paper and ink. It will look expensive, without the hefty price tag. A&O Mail and Fulfilment offers competitive rates that will give more value to every dollar you spend on direct mail marketing. Talk to us about a custom package that will meet your advertising needs while giving consideration to your budget.

For more information about direct mail marketing services, visit http://www.aomail.com.au/mail.html.


Finding the right Fulfilment Service Partner is crucial in ensuring that your customers receive the best possible experience in every transaction that they enter with your e-commerce company. You may have the most innovative order taking tools and a high quality product line that your patrons enjoy, but all these will be for naught if your packaging and item delivery process do not meet the needs and expectations of your valued customers.

It would be heartbreaking to see your regulars leave by the throng onto your competitor’s site, all because of a poorly handled order. The hard work that you have put into securing a positive experience for your customers, wasted because of a service provider that have not delivered in accordance to the agreed upon specifications. But you need not risk your brand’s reputation and your customer’s business. All you have to do is your research well before you enter into a partnership with a fulfilment outsourcing company and look for the following:

Straightforward Customer Service

You want to eliminate as many barriers as you can to get the most out of a partnership, and your relationship with your provider as early as the enquiry stage will tell you a lot about how they conduct business. Are your account managers difficult to reach whenever you need assistance? Do they take too long to respond to your enquiries as a result of a flawed customer service management process? And when they finally reply to your email, are their answers irrelevant and do not offer any enlightenment to the situation? If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it would be wise to rethink your decision of entering into an agreement with this particular provider.

You need a partner that will offer you valuable support and not add to the many other things that you have to personally take care of. They are an extension of your operations and their treatment of you as their first line customer indicates how they are as a third party entity. Remember that how they handle their business will reflect on yours, and your customers will associate every service that they receive from the provider, whether good or bad, with your brand.

Cutting-edge Technology and Processes

A truly efficient fulfilment service provider operates using both the expertise of talented and experienced employees, and the latest inventory and warehousing softwares. The systems and applications that they use must be regularly upgraded and maintained, with an analytics and reporting functionality to measure accuracy and productivity. These tools do far more than just ensure that your order and inventory data are up to date, they also offer you information that can help you improve your practices.

Well-maintained Facilities

The provider’s facility will be your products’ second home and you want to make sure that the warehouse is equipped with the proper ventilation, storage and maintenance systems to keep your items in their best possible state prior to shipping. Schedule a visit to the prospective provider’s facility to see the condition of the structure yourself and talk to the warehouse manager to know more about their processes.

Proven Track Record of Excellent Service

If you do not have any first hand experience in contracting the services of a fulfilment company, you can benefit from reading customer testimonials online to know the quality of work that they offer. Go for the company that is well reviewed and with significantly more positive feedback than bad.

A&O Mail, backed with years of unparalleled expertise in the industry, is equipped with the service of dedicated staff and top-of-the-line systems and tools. Trust us to provide you and your business the advantage that you need through seamless mailing and order fulfilment solutions. Call us now for a discussion about how we can be of service to you.

For more information, go to http://www.aomail.com.au/services.html.

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