Your direct mail and print communication partners

Our team get your product, brand and message directly into the hands of your customers with excellent service as standard.

Approaching our 10th year in business, A&O is a trusted supplier to over 700 Australian and International organisations. We consistently deliver world-class service by listening and responding to the needs of some of the world's most trusted brands.

  • An extension of your team

    The real magic happens when we cement ourselves as an extension of your team. We always share and value your goals, just as you do. From the first phone call to campaign execution, our clients are left under no illusion that collaboration is king. We respect all elements of the brief from concept, creation and execution.

  • Experienced heads

    Leverage our wealth of experience in mail house production to ensure that your next campaign runs more smoothly than you can imagine. We know that deadlines are there for a reason, and we pride ourselves on being a safe pair of hands when it comes to each and every brief we take on.

Front of A&O Print, Mail and Fulfilment's offices

Apples & Oranges

When you hear the word mail house, it's easy to conjure up an image of a soulless production line that puts procedure before the customer experience. We think it's safe to say, we're not your typical mail house.

It's like comparing Apples & Oranges. Hence the name! Whilst the services that we provide are very typical of this offering, what sets us apart is our team and how we deliver on our brand promise.

Meet The Team

Our team is always expanding but you will hear these names come up often in correspondences with us.

  • Gareth Thomas

    Managing Director

    Photograph of Gareth Thomas, Managing Director at A&O Direct Mail, Printing and Fulfilment

    Focusing on direct mail and data-driven marketing, Gareth has worked with leading brands such as Adobe, Nextdoor, BMW, Max Mara, Yves Saint Laurent and Google.

  • Lina Halim

    Production Director

    Photograph of Lina Halim, Production Director at A&O Direct Mail, Printing and Fulfilment.

    Lina has over 11 years of experience in direct marketing. She has overseen critical projects for Bauer Media, Hermes, Australian Geographic and many other household brands.

  • Bruno Biguetti

    Customer Success

    Bruno has worked in the most demanding customer service environments for over 10 years and is focused on ensuring that you receive the highest professionalism and communications.

  • Oli Askew

    Business Analyst

    Oli has over 8 years of experience working with leadership and technical teams to design, develop and deliver business-critical software applications.

  • Hendro


    Hendro brings his superpowers of production to every job. He is a technical tour de force, capable of whatever is necessary to solve a problem and save a deadline.

Our Mission

Be the most reliable, passionate, ambitious mail house in Australia.

Bar none.

Our values

  • Transparency

    With our seamless automation and digital process, our clients are able to see the status of their job in real-time at any time.

  • Authenticity

    We set a deadline and are accountable at all stages of each brief, we will ensure complete authenticity across each and every touchpoint.

  • Reliability

    We know that deadlines are there for a reason, and we pride ourselves on being a safe pair of hands when it comes to each and every fulfilment job we take on.

  • Consistency

    It goes without saying that consistency breeds confidence, whether the job involves a grassroots sample mail campaign or a national experiential send out of over a million - we don't negotiate on consistency and our client testimonials are testament to that.

What are you waiting for?

With A&O, you can trust that we deliver perfection while reaching your deadlines, even when it seems impossible. The team at A&O work to take the stress out of the process, which is why our clients come back again and again.