Your 3PL and Direct Mail Specialists

At A&O, we're more than just a 3PL provider; we're your partners in ensuring that products and messages reach their destination, on time, every time. Whether it's fulfilling customer orders or ensuring that your direct mail campaign is a hit, we've got your back.

A&O's Sydney 3PL Warehousing team

A Decade of Dedication

Now in our 10th year, we're proud to have expanded our horizons. Our 3PL services now run alongside our Direct Mail offering which is backed by our 20+ years of distribution experience. This journey has seen us becoming a trusted partner to over 700 organizations, both Australian and International, including some of the world's most respected brands.

  • Your Extended Team

    We pride ourselves in seamlessly integrating with your team. This is the secret behind our exceptional service and why we often hear our clients say they felt we were just an extended part of their in-house team. Collaboration remains our cornerstone, and we strive to understand, share, and achieve your goals at every step.

  • Uncompromised Quality

    With a track record of consistently meeting deadlines and our partnership with Australia Post as a Bulk Mail Partner, you can be assured of our commitment to quality. Our experience guarantees that every project we handle for you will run smoother than you imagined.

Front of A&O Print, Mail and Fulfilment's offices

Not Just Another 3PL Company

Think of 3PL, and you might picture a mere storage facility. But with A&O, it's so much more. Our dedication to delivering an unparalleled customer experience makes us stand out. As our name suggests, comparing us with others is truly like comparing Apples & Oranges.

Meet The Team

Our team is always expanding but you will hear these names come up often in correspondences with us.

  • Gareth Thomas

    Managing Director

    Gareth Thomas

    With a profound background in direct mail and data-driven marketing, Gareth's portfolio includes working with industry leaders like Adobe, Nextdoor, BMW, Max Mara, Yves Saint Laurent, and Google.

  • Lina Halim

    Production Director

    Photograph of Lina Halim, Production Director at A&O Direct Mail, Printing and Fulfilment.

    Lina has over 11 years of experience in direct marketing. She has overseen critical projects for Chanel, PRP, UGL, Ampco and many other household brands.

  • Neil Staal

    Business Development Manager

    Neil Staal

    Neil has been in 3PL and Direct Mail for over 25 years. Neil gets to the heart of our client’s needs and ensures we always find the right fit for our partners.

  • Brian Plain

    Warehouse Manager

    Brian Plain

    Brian’s experience and drive make him an unstoppable force and valued member of the A&O team. Ensuring our warehouse is physically and virtually in tip top shape is his passion.

  • Hendro


    Hendro, production assistant

    Meet Hendro, our production superhero. With an innate ability to troubleshoot and ensure projects meet their deadline, he's an indispensable part of our team.

  • David


    David, Production Assistant

    David has joined the team as a school leaver with his passion for personal growth and becoming a force in Digital Marketing. Starting on the warehouse floor, David is learning the business from the ground up before starting his apprenticeship with A&O’s marketing partners.

Our Mission

Be the most reliable, passionate, ambitious mail house in Australia.

Bar none.

Our values

  • Transparency

    With our seamless automation and digital process, our clients are able to see the status of their job in real-time at any time.

  • Authenticity

    We set a deadline and are accountable at all stages of each brief, we will ensure complete authenticity across each and every touchpoint.

  • Reliability

    We know that deadlines are there for a reason, and we pride ourselves on being a safe pair of hands when it comes to each and every fulfilment job we take on.

  • Consistency

    It goes without saying that consistency breeds confidence, whether the job involves a grassroots sample mail campaign or a national experiential send out of over a million - we don't negotiate on consistency and our client testimonials are testament to that.

What are you waiting for?

With A&O, you can trust that we deliver perfection while reaching your deadlines, even when it seems impossible. The team at A&O work to take the stress out of the process, which is why our clients come back again and again.