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A&O provides end-to-end solutions for all of your direct mailing needs, offering an outstanding service level and attention to detail that sets us apart from our competitors.

  • Sydney-based Mail House

  • Full range of Direct Mail services

  • Bulk Mail Partner accredited

Bulk mail stacked in our Sydney direct mail inserting machine

A&O is Sydney’s most responsive mail house providing comprehensive printing and mailing solutions.

Our mailing services help you reach your customers or leads at the best possible market rates whilst enjoying the dependability and professionalism of the Australia Post service.

Whatever format you want to print, and whether you intend to send 50 articles or 5 million, A&O can provide you with a fully managed print and mail production service to take the stress out of your next campaign.

  • Direct Mail

    When you want to send personalised promotional mail or formal correspondence to your recipient database, A&O’s bulk mail services have you covered. We securely handle your data, print your post, prepare the mail, and lodge the postage on your behalf. Bulk mail is highly effective for sending marketing or promotional correspondence as well as general information.

    Australia IconAn outline of Australia showing direct mail addresses in various locations
  • Unaddressed Mail

    Our unaddressed mailing services help your marketing team reach out to new customers whose names or addresses are not already in your database. Our team can help you target your desired audience according to the geographical areas, residential/business property type and local demographic data. We print, prepare and lodge your mail with Australia Post for maximum reliability and engagement.

    Unaddressed Targeting IconA target focused on a crossroad sign to indicate a suburb targeted in an unaddressed mail campaign
  • Transactional Mail

    Transactional mail allows you to post statements to customers, such as invoices or appointment reminders. We receive your recipient data regularly via bulk file exchange or real-time API integration so that we can prepare and post your mail. Depending on your ERP software, we can process PDF files or structured data, ensuring that each recipient gets the exact pages plus any additional inserts they need.

    Transactional Mail IconConceptual journey of data integration for physical mailing
  • Parcels

    When you want to make a lasting impression with a marketing promotion or need to get your product in front of your consumers en masse, our handline fulfilment team can prepare any custom assembly and packing work needed to get your packages or lumpy mail out on time and with the best presentation possible.

    Lumpy Mail IconAn article of lumpy mail delivery on a parachute

Explore our direct mail services

Learn about our unaddressed and addressed bulk mail business letter services.

Our direct mail services

We pride ourselves on eliminating the stress and frustration caused by missed deadlines and inaccurate direct mail. Our team is primed to work collaboratively with you to provide the fulfilment and mailing production you need to get your mail out accurately and on time.

  • Printing

    If it fits in an envelope, we can print it! Our offset, digital and web printing services mean that you get the quality and scale of a commercial printing company along with direct mail production all under one roof.

    PrinterA commercial printer in operation
  • Envelopes

    We can source a wide range of window and plain face envelopes and print your branding in colour or monochrome, as well as the required postmarks and return address.

    Envelope IconAn envelope
  • Personalisation

    Our document programming capabilities can produce any mail-merged documents including letters, invoices and statements from a source spreadsheet, API integration or a combination of data sources.

    PersonalisationA speech bubble with text being edited by a pencil
  • Lodgement

    We can lodge your mail either on our own account or your current Australia Post account. We ensure that the mail is priced at the best possible bulk mail rate, including tray sorting addressed mail and bundling unaddressed mail.

    Paper AeroplaneA paper aeroplane icon to depict direct mail postage
  • Folding & Inserting

    Our state-of-the-art mail processing machinery can intelligently add additional inserts along with your main article so that each customer receives a tailored experience.

    Fold Insert iconA letter being folded and inserted into envelope during direct mail production
  • Sorting and Barcoding

    Our tray labelling and DPID barcoding ensure that you get the best possible postage rate from Australia Post.

    Barcode Scan IconA DPID address barcode being targetted by a post delivery scanner
  • Plastic Wrap

    We can wrap your printed items in plastic with a flysheet for low-cost preparation of brochures, magazines and loose marketing collateral.

    Plastic Wrap IconA publication in plastic wrap for postage
  • Handline & Fulfilment Ops

    For customised items such as sample mail or promotional items, our handline team can provide manual assembly and bundling services.

    HandlineA pair of hands holding a star

Automated mail integrations

You have automated emails and digital touchpoints integrated with your everyday operational and marketing efforts. Why not regular mail? 

For invoices, statements and unique marketing ideas, our team can integrate with your chosen ERP, CRM or other software to post regular mail on your behalf when you need us to, without the time-intensive tasks of bulk exporting, editing and mail merging your recipient data.

  • Pipedrive
  • Asana
  • Autopilot
  • Hubspot
  • Monday
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Zapier
Bulk mail stacked in our Sydney direct mail inserting machine

The A&O advantage

We’ll get you the best rate with Australia Post.

As a Bulk Mail Partner, we follow best practices to send your mail, and we’re exceptionally well-versed in Australia Post bulk mailing standards and getting the best rate for your mail.

We’ll help you overcome any hurdles.

Direct Mail campaigns have multiple moving parts: preparing data, designing your artwork, programming templates, handling returns, and capturing responses. Our team have the experience and expertise to help you understand and organise any part of the process.

We’re rarely beaten on price, never on quality.

Direct mail is one of the most powerful and effective ways to promote your business although it’s not the cheapest. We believe that by moving more production facilities under one roof, we can cut the costs of your campaign to improve the ROI without compromising on quality

Outsourced Direct Mail

Prepare and deliver mail without in-house machines or resources

3PL Providers IconA parcel on a parachute

Reduce your overheads

Equipment, stock and production staff can all add up to a high per-unit cost for sending essential and promotional mail, especially as volumes decrease in favour of digital touchpoints.

Improve postal rates

Outsourcing your direct mail to an experienced provider gives you peace of mind that your mail qualifies for the best Australia Post rates.

Build seamless mail experiences

Our automation specialists can save you time preparing bulk exports and create delightful personal experiences with variable data, conditional imagery and intelligent inserts.

Short-run projects/campaigns

In an era of remote working, shared workspaces and distributed workforces, outsourcing mail reduces the need to dedicate office space for processing mail.

South Pacific Private

Tamara Buchanan explains the role that A&O has played in ensuring the integrity of printing and mailing for various operations throughout their treatment centre.

Thumbnail of Tamara's Direct Mail video testimonial for A&O

Getting the best postage rate for your direct mail

  • Promo Post

    Promo post offers leading postal rates for high quantities of promotional addressed mail. We manage the address validation, barcoding and sorting required that qualifies your campaign for a lower postal rate.

  • Pre-sort

    For everyday commercial volumes of non-promotional addressed letters there is also a price reduction for clean, barcoded and sorted mail. Our team provides all the sorting and barcoding so your mail enjoys a lower cost per item.

  • Charity Mail

    If you are a registered charity you can secure a reduced rate with Australia Post for your outgoing mail. Your charity will normally have its own Australia Post account which we can use to lodge mail on your behalf. If you need to apply for a charity number, our team can help you get the correct paperwork completed.

  • Print Post

    If you are sending 2 or more editions of a publication per year, our team can help with packing and mailing with Australia Post Print Post. We secure your editions with plastic wrap or envelopes, and print the personalised addressed flysheet. Print Post permits publications weighing up to 1kg, making it especially helpful for heavier items.

  • Unaddressed Mail

    Australia Post’s unaddressed mail services ensure total peace of mind that your promotion will reach the intended audience. It is delivered with the regular post, meaning that there is a higher engagement rate than regular ‘junk’ mail; sticking out of the letterboxes. As well as helping you with location targeting, we also provide the printing and bundling services needed to get your campaign running.

  • Registered & Tracked Mail

    High volumes of registered tracked mail require special barcoding and data feeds to provide you with the audit trail you need to prove that your mail has been delivered to the intended recipient. A&O provides the special programming required to make sure that the 2D DataMatrix barcodes, customer address data and sequence numbers all match up to the correct recipient.

As a global company, we like to work with suppliers who understand our fast-paced workflow and can adapt to our needs. We have worked with A&O for over 2 years and in that time we have found them to be highly responsive and very accommodating.

Mark Santer

Havwoods International

Need help with unaddressed mail targeting?

Our team can help you target the right postal areas and demographics to help you get a high response. We also provide databases for personalised direct marketing campaigns. Just let us know how many you want to send.

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