Fulfilment center and warehousing solutions

If you have a physical product that requires preparation by careful hands, we can help you outsource the effort to a specialist team and save you valuable time.

With a dedicated warehouse and hand-line staff, we can store, prepare and ship physical products and samples on your behalf.

What is handline fulfilment?

Handline fulfilment requires specialist staff with careful hands to work as a team to efficiently process stock to create complete products or packs that can be used for marketing purposes. The team operates in a clean warehouse facility to receive your stock and transform it into the final product ready for shipment. Our mail house team takes care of any printing, packaging or distribution needs, as well as overseeing all project management and logistics needed to move items from A to B.

  • Reworking

    When you need to modify a product to improve its presentation, such as changing labels for branding or language purposes, our team can carefully complete the fixes for large volumes in flawless detail.

    ReworkingA shape being modified by another shape
  • Kitting

    We display a product in bespoke packaging by affixing products to carrier cards. This approach is perfect for producing FMCG sample packs as well as retail products.

    KittingShapes converging into a kit
  • Bundling

    The team packs multiple items together to create a new product bundle. This is a great solution for building welcome packs and gift boxes for upcoming events or direct marketing campaigns.

    BundlingFour shapes grouped together

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Explore practical examples of kitting, assembly and reworking services that you can outsource to A&O today.

Our Fulfilment Services

With a dedicated warehouse and handline staff, we can store, prepare and ship physical products and samples on your behalf. We also offer creative support or off-the-shelf packaging solutions to ensure optimal shipping protection and presentation.

  • Handline Ops

    Our team can complete projects of any size or complexity, and we’re used to working with tight deadlines.

    HandlineA pair of hands holding a star
  • Storage

    We provide secure storage solutions to hold your stock or processed items until they are required to be shipped.

    Storage BoxesFour boxes stacked two-by-two
  • Logistics

    For all incoming stock as well as outgoing shipments we can assist you with the logistics of your project.

    Bulk mail truckPicture of a bulk mail and logistics truck
  • Bulk Mail

    As an Australia Post Bulk Mail partner, we can assist you with any distribution needs at the most competitive prices.

    MailA letter tucked into an envelope
  • Printing

    We provide commercial printing services that help you to create packaging or inserts that provide information to the recipient.

    PrinterA commercial printer in operation
  • White Glove

    For delicate or valuable items, we provide a ‘white glove’ service.

    DiamondA sparkling diamond


  • Container unpacking

  • Inventory Management

  • Order Fulfilment

  • Goods Receipt

We’re on a mission to make unique direct marketing experiences more accessible to ambitious brands.

Our white-label handline fulfilment, print and mail production services are affordable and empower agencies and 3PL houses to offer an end-to-end handline service to your clients without the resourcing overheads. We provide handline services that cover multiple requirements such as product reworking, sample packs, event packs, and promotional bundles; for ad hoc campaigns or regular ongoing projects.

  • Marketers

    Physical experiences such as samples and gifts can help make a lasting impression. Whether you are looking to target a small audience such as influencers or loyal customers with a special introduction to a new product or distribute samples en masse, handline fulfilment teams take the time-consuming, stressful production tasks off your hands and let you focus on the creative and analytics.

    Finance ChartA chart showing an upward trending arrow
  • Agencies

    Do you have clients who need to launch direct marketing or product sampling campaigns? We understand that clients can have challenging expectations (especially on Fridays!). We also get that agencies require complete loyalty, a high degree of professionalism, discretion and accurate pricing at the outset of a job to accurately forecast costs and charge the client accordingly.

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  • Logistics Managers

    When you need to make last-minute manual adjustments to stock, rely on A&O’s handline team to process large volumes of product to your exacting specifications without a fuss.

    Cargo ShipA cargo ship
  • 3PL Providers

    If you operate a larger robotised 3PL house, it may not be feasible to complete product reworking by hand on behalf of your retailers. We provide a simple white-label solution to ship stock to our warehouse for processing and then back to you for adding to pick and packing lines.

    3PL Providers IconA parcel on a parachute

pick and pack team team working in a fulfilment warehouse facility

Preparing Retail Goods

If you need to rework print or pack products ready for retail, our handline and mail house teams can focus on the fiddly details to provide a fast turnaround.


For building up ticket/lanyard event packs or press packs, rely on our handline team to collate and pack and send the items that you need to distribute to your database.

Product Sampling

Sample packs can contain several varieties or flavours of product and can be given out by hand, sent to a database of interested customers or distributed en masse to homes or businesses in areas that you select.

We are a busy design agency with frequent unreasonable deadlines from clients. Working with A&O has always been a stress-free process. They have unmatched experience with troubleshooting fulfilment challenges and always deliver a quality product on time every time. We couldn't ask for more really.
Portrait of Terry Squadrito, Packaging Fulfilment customer at A&O

Terry Squadrito

Squad Ink

Handline ops

Complete any modifications without ramp-up or resourcing overheads

3PL Providers IconA parcel on a parachute

Create a unique brand experience

Bundle together products and marketing collateral to make a lasting impression with influencers or decision-makers.

Complete fiddly modifications

Swap labels and branding or remove unsightly stickers from generic products to prepare them for retail without the hassle of resourcing the work yourself.

Get your product in the hands of your target audience

When customers can try your product without having to lift a finger, they are more likely to return to stores to make a purchase.

Short-run projects/campaigns

Distribute event packs or promotional batches of your product in bulk to consumers without the time overheads.

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