5 Reasons why Direct Mail Marketing is effective

Last updated 3rd May 2021

Direct mail is used by advertisers and business owners in marketing campaigns. A&O explores how creative direct mail campaigns can still drive amazing results.

Direct mail is among the longest standing marketing techniques being used by both advertisers and business owners. Companies big and small have all banked on this method to promote their brand to prospective customers or to share updates and new ventures with valued patrons.

Even with the prevalence of cost-efficient digital marketing practices, direct mail is still one of the top marketing choices. It is among the most effective means of communicating with customers. According to data presented by the Chief Marketing Officer Council from a Ballantine study, 75% of customers say that they examine delivered mail very closely, and 40% have said that they tried out a new product after receiving direct mail ads. These are auspicious numbers, and every business owner should maximise the potential of direct mail marketing to further their brand. Here are five reasons to help us understand why this approach rakes in such impressive results.

It is tangible

There is something about physical mail that excites recipients, making them eager to know what is inside the parcel. Because mail is tangible, it is guaranteed to be seen and felt, which offer a higher probability that your customers will receive your message. Businesses that deliver mail to their customers are also perceived as more determined, hard-working and authentic. It subtly suggests that the sender has put in a lot of effort into reaching you and even went the extra mile by having someone personally deliver you the message.

It is customisable and can be personalised.

Starbucks, the coffee conglomerate, swears by the effectiveness of addressing their customers by their first names instead of the generic ma’am or sir in increasing the likelihood of return business. The personal touch that baristas inject into their service evokes familiarity, comfort and security, which are among the building blocks of trust. This concept increases customers’ desire to respond to calls to action in direct mails.

It is focused

Coupled with the personal element of direct mails, you can further elevate the chances of eliciting your customers' response by controlling who receives your messages. Once you know who your target market is, you can have your mail delivered only to persons in your database that fit the qualifications of your intended audience.

It is a trustworthy method.

For decades, we have relied on the efficiency of the postal service in communicating with people. Long before the advent of emails and the telephone, businesses relied on snail mail and packages to communicate. It is a tried and tested method that everyone has grown to trust, which explains why recipients of direct mails are more responsive.

It is economical

Customers perceive direct mail to be costly to produce because of the idea that a lot of work has been put into it. They account for the labour, the material, the postage fees and stamps, and the equipment used in packaging and transferring the message onto paper. Delivered mail can also look conspicuously luxurious simply by using specialty paper and ink. It will look expensive, without the hefty price tag. A&O Mail and Fulfilment offers competitive rates that will give more value to every dollar you spend on direct mail marketing. Talk to us about a custom package that will meet your advertising needs while considering your budget.

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