Un-addressed deliverer protocols

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the globe is an unprecedented time and information is being developed in a fluid and changing environment.

To that end, A&O Print Mail, representing the Letterbox Distributors within our extended network, working with theDistribution Standards Board, the self-regulatory standard for LetterboxDistribution across Australia, has developed delivery protocols to ensure a commitment to safeguard Australians against COVID-19 whilst distributing printed collateral to letterboxes.

Deliverer protocols during COVID-19 isolation period

The following procedures are standards that are to be implemented across all distribution to letterbox operations as an essential service supply chain provider during COVID-19 isolation and lockdown periods as the best safety standards across the sector.

  1. Deliverer to isolate/treat as per Government Health guidelines.
  2. Deliverers who are isolating with vulnerable people will not be able to perform the contract.
  3. Deliverers who are isolating with people that have recently returned from overseas will not be able to perform the contract.
  4. Deliverer to cease all distribution if any coronavirus symptoms outlined under Government Health guidelines perpetuate and seek immediate medical advice.
  5. Should a Deliverer become symptomatic or confirmed as coronavirus positive, Deliverers
  6. should identify if there is any possible cross-infection and fully comply with Health
  7. Department guidelines.
  8. Deliverers are to reduce any interaction with households to minimum levels to ensure two (2) metre distancing can be maintained at all times.
  9. Deliverers are encouraged to deliver in isolation or with family household members only.
  10. If a Deliverer becomes symptomatic and has a back-up person (who is not infected), a back-up person may take over the operation. Network/Area resource to support where required.
  11. If there is no back-up Deliverer in place – Network/Area support to fill the role of Deliverer contract.
  12. Where feasible (metro areas), infected Deliverer volume re-directed to neighbouring Distributor shed for collection by revised Deliverer/s after twenty-four (24) hours in holding for possible COVID-19 surface stability risk.
  13. Deliverer to seek medical clearance prior to return.
  14. Deliverers are to abide by Government Health guidelines such as regularly washing hands for 20 seconds, avoid touching the eyes and mouth, cover nose and/or mouth when coughing or sneezing, use only disposable tissues, and dispose of them immediately after use, avoid close contact with anyone showing respiratory symptoms and staying at home if sick.
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Government Health guidelines

What happens if authorities question delivery?

As distributors, we are operating as an essential service supply-chain provider. Letterbox distribution includes essential service notices across community services, education, health, government, supermarket and pharmacy notices and more. Additionally, distribution from collection to distribution is contactless and under a defined list of protocols.

Further information can be sought from the Distribution Standards Board.


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