COVID-19 response

As a Covid Safe business, A&O is following a Covid Safe plan to ensure the safety of staff and patrons.

Today, COVID-19 does not have a critical negative impact on A&O operations. We remain at full operational capacity and have materials and staff available to complete all contracted work.

We have initiated our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and are actively assessing and are updating our actions as this scenario develops. We will continue to update you with any relevant changes, as they occur.

  • Our first concern is the human risk that COVID-19 represents. We have communicated health and hygiene information consistent with WHO recommendations to all members of the A&O team. We encourage our clients and partners to do the same and will share materials if requested.

  • We have increased cleaning and disinfectant schedules across all our sites and are ensuring increased access to self-care products.

  • We have enacted self-quarantine and testing guidelines for any staff, their immediate family or housemates who have travelled to countries that the Department of Health lists as high or moderate risk, based on the current 14- day guideline. We request that any clients scheduled to meet A&O staff follow similar guidelines.

  • Our teams have online collaboration tools to facilitate voice and video meetings and will be happy to shift face-to-face meetings to these platforms if required or preferred.

  • While we do not currently require staff to stay home, we are ready should the need arise.

  • Where staff are required to work at a specific site to deliver on the expectations of our clients, we are using a split shift approach to mitigate any potential site-specific issue.

  • Our national production network allows us the flexibility to shift production and we have plans, processes and freight partners prepared to enact this if necessary.

  • We have surety of supply for all core business inputs, and a positive forward view from all our international supply partners. The current bans on travel do not extend to trade goods, and we will continue to monitor this and investigate alternative routes of supply.

  • Distribution and delivery contingencies are in place with our contractors across retail and residential distribution, and we will continue to work with our partners to ensure the smallest possible impact to the important connection we provide to your market.

As mentioned, we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. We are taking a calm and balanced approach that mitigates risk and ensures we exceed the expectations of our clients.

For more information relating to the delivery of unaddressed mail, please read our deliverer safety protocol.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to discuss any aspect of our response.

Kind regards,

Gareth Thomas

Managing Director

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